It’s not our work life. It’s our life’s work.

We are often asked “Why do you do what you do?
What motivated you to want to work in such difficult spaces?”
The answer is easy.

We step into the lives of people during some of their darkest days and we help them move from trauma to transcendence. This process, from darkness to light, is such a brilliant display of the human soul-
it is beautiful to watch. It is gift and an honor.

It is through this process that we have noticed that our world would be more empathetic, kind, forgiving and compassionate if we complicated the lens in which
we see each other.

  • We are living with high rates of depression and other mental health issues.
  • Generation Z is the most depressed and has the highest suicide rates than any other generation- ever.
  • Our country is experiencing chronic loneliness- loneliness is worse than smoking 15 cigarettes per day.
  • We are the most in debt.
  • We are saturated with Porn which leads to many concerns including violent sexuality, strangulation, inability for connection, domestic and sexual violence (including human sex trafficking)
  • The rates of domestic violence, sexual violence, child abuse- across the gender spectrum and through all racial groups- is staggering.
  • Indigenous people are missing and murdered at alarming rates.
  • LGBT+ youth are tossed on the streets and made vulnerable to trafficking.
  • There are so many soul crushing human experiences that our human family is sad and need of compassion.
  • Most, if not everyone, is carrying trauma.

Yet, where there is dark, there is light…

The world is changing with tremendous growth in
the areas of kindness, compassion, empathy
and forgiveness.

“Being authentic” is a new human expectation and we are truly learning how to embrace the complexity of the human spirit-
-and we want to help.

We need to learn how to be more kind because kindness leads to connection and connection leads to health and happiness.

We need to learn how to be more empathetic and forgiving because the choices people make in desperate situations are riddled with complicated variables, limitations, fears and limited resources.

We cannot judge someone’s decision making process because we cannot truly know what fueled those choices without deep insight into the context of their world, their past and their limitations.

It is safest to simply understand that “We don’t have the whole story”. We should not be judging anyone.

Err on the side of compassion.
Err or the side of humanity.

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