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Who do we partner with and seek to fund?

The Landing exists as a daytime drop-in center at the intersections of life—a place of comfort and rest for all-aged male, female, and transgender victims of human trafficking or sexual exploitation. We encourage and empower survivors to become independent by meeting basic needs and increasing awareness of the resources available to survivors.

Through personal case management and action planning, our intention is to meet people where they are—wherever it may be—and support them throughout their journey. We are fortunate to have a committed group of volunteers and staff who believe in our mission and the people we cross paths with everyday. While inclusivity and understanding start at our doors, the faithful support of donors, volunteers, and staff help keep them open.

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ASU STIR conducts hands on research with victims of domestic sex trafficking. This gives them a unique access to this population. They believe, with that access, they have a responsibility to assist their research subjects to safety through a whole host of under and unfunded services:

Phoenix Starfish Place:
Housing program to help victims secure permanent, transitional housing and some case management.

-Biannual Phoenix “1st Step Drop-in Center”:
Twice a year, they do a “Pop-up drop in” for victims “still in the life”. They set up a full day of free food, hair stylists, hygiene products, clothing, counseling services, transitional services, housing services, addiction services, wellness activities- everything that they can think of that would support the “leaving the life”.  They have done this for years- so the community knows it is safe and dependable. 

-Support Groups:
They provide a psychoeducation group to a variety of populations including incarcerated women in Estrella jail in the MOSAIC program amongst several other different settings.  They train peer leaders every year to serve as peer leaders in their Sex Trafficking Awareness and Recovery (STAR) Group that is delivered in 19 locations around Arizona including juvenile residential and detention programs.

-Survivor Leadership program:
They teach survivors to be leaders in their communities through self-advocacy training.

They also, through partnership, work on many task force groups and projects that positively impact victims of domestic sex trafficking.

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For Sex Trafficking Help
Project Starfish: Helping youth

Our Founders: Myra and Russell Strand

Myra and Russell Strand have nearly 70 years of cumulative experience in the field of criminal justice and with people who live with trauma. After all is said and done, they founded this non-profit because they know:

1.) When we take context into consideration when working with people who have had complicated experiences, we are more able to practice kindness, empathy, forgiveness and compassion. That is what this society needs.

2.) Sometimes the difference between trauma and transcendence is just a few dollars. Emergency financial assistance could literally save lives.

Strand² Squared LLC is our first funder:

They provided all start up costs and they also committed to providing
administration costs for at least the first five years.

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Our Board of Directors
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Russell Strand

Marty Dickey

Ona Anderson

Sonja Burkhalter Gonzalez

The Staff:

Chief Barrier Eliminator and Lens Complicator
Myra L.F. Strand, MA, CA