Are you an agency or a first responder who wants to partner with us?

We are a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

Does your agency or group want to adopt us and support our efforts?

Do you want to utilize our funds?

We are taking on new opportunities to support as we raise funds and grow to capacity. 

We are limited by the funds we have, but we are always working hard to raise funds!  


For the partnership application process.

Our Funding Parameters:

-Some of our funds will be from grants, we will have to comply with their parameters to ensure future funding.

-We require testimony of impact via reporting every 3 months

-It should be “loosy goosy”, if they express a need, just give it to them. 

-We do not allow for any questioning of credibility or intention.

Examples of what we do not allow:
“She was lying and just wanted the money for beer”
“He just said that because he wanted a free vacation”
“She is just doing it for the attention, as she is a frequent flyer”

-It mostly is for little things
(anything over $500.00 requires pre-approval and verification that we have not utilized our monthly budget)

-These funds are reimbursement funds and you must be pre-approved to receive funds.

-Err on the side of compassion.
-Err on the side of humanity